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Medical Practice Management Software

It’s tough work treating sickness, injuries, allergies, aches, pains, and other health issues. But for contemporary medical offices and health care networks, that’s really only half the battle. Running a successful medical practice also means contending with tricky compliance issues, handling complex billing arrangements, and managing an enormous amount of clinical and business data. Facing both clinical and administrative challenges, successful care providers are turning to sophisticated medical practice management solutions to ensure smooth operations, promote better health outcomes, and get an edge on the competition.

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The case for integrated medical practice management software

In the real-world, the dividing line between the clinical and administrative “sides” of a medical office is fuzzy and frequently crossed. The rise of integrated medical practice management software represents an acknowledgment of this reality, as well as an attempt to provide a cohesive solution to the technological challenges of medical care in the digital age.

The net ambition of medical practice management suites is to keep your practice organized, efficient, and effective. For some businesses that ambition might take the specific shape of bringing order to a chaotic waiting room, relieving primary providers of tedious administrative responsibilities, or moving closer to the dream of a paperless office.

But no matter your office’s individual aspirations, choosing the right practice management product means finding a solution that will help:

  • Ensure the receipt of revenues in a more efficient and profitable manner,
  • Improve the overall patient experience through more reliable service and better communication,
  • And, ultimately, minimize the administrative challenges that stand in the way of delivering the best possible health outcomes to as many patients as possible.

Comprehensive practice management solutions include functionality for electronic medical records (EMR), medical billing, scheduling and appointment management, and patient communications.

There’s a wide array of practice management products commercially available. Selecting the right one requires an understanding of both the specific features and functionalities available to your firm and the improvements they can help provide.

Electronic medical records (EMR)

There was a time when the software that supported clinical tasks and administrative functions existed independently from each other.

While individual applications which focus exclusively on each element are still available, the trend in medical practice management software has been towards convergence. Integrating electronic medical records (EMR) functionality with other “business-side” applications helps alleviate system integration headaches and increase efficiency and accuracy by minimizing the need for duplicate data entry.

Charting capabilities are at the heart of EMR software. But today’s EMR software goes far beyond the basic charting functionality required to transcribe document diagnoses and procedures.

Contemporary EMR software provides a variety of features to help providers more quickly and accurately provide the necessary care for patients. Voice dictation, diagnosis and procedural coding databases, visual patient medical timelines, and health plan creation tools are becoming commonplace.

But finding the right EMR software is not solely about locating the software with the broadest set of provided features. It’s important that the software matches provider workflow preferences. Despite the complexity of the tasks related to managing clinical patient data, many of the top practice management solutions offer the ability to significantly customize workflows in order to promote efficiency and minimize learning curves.

Scheduling and appointment management

Without a firm grip on scheduling, it’s impossible to optimize patient throughput and consequently your office’s true revenue potential. But as anyone who has managed health care scheduling can attest, getting it right is more complicated than it sounds.

Scheduling patient visits involves coordinating availabilities across multiple dimensions. Finding common openings in the schedules of patients and providers is hard enough. But many providers also find themselves needing to ensure the availability of support staff, visiting rooms, and even equipment.

Given the complexity of health care scheduling, programs that work well for general purpose applications often lack the features required for a medical environment. Advanced features that can help meet the needs of health care providers include:

  • Check-in/check-out management
  • Support for recurring appointments
  • Overbooking capabilities
  • Color-coding
  • Filterable views to isolate schedules by provider, room, or appointment attributes
  • And, automated alerts, reminders, and notifications.

Patient communications

Managing appointment and visit information is a cornerstone of patient communication. But increasingly patients are also demanding expanded access to their medical records. (This popular Ted Talk from 2010 discusses the trend and also the health benefits it can help promote.)

Providers interested in meeting increasing patient demand for medical info face multiple challenges.

One issue is that medical data isn’t known for its readability by the layperson. Converting jargon, coding, and shorthand isn’t a task that most medical practices have typically budgeted time to accomplish. Medical practice management software offers an efficient alternative by providing an automated approach for turning technical records into health management plans and reports into formats that are more digestible for patients.

There’s also the question of how to best share health data with patients. Practice management systems offer utilities for this challenge as well in the form of automated email communication and even online patient portals.

Claims management and medical billing

Few industries have as complicated a path to compensation as the medical industry. Because patients, private insurance companies, and public entities each may be payers, the amount of documentation and activity involved in capturing revenue is significant.

Health care providers contend with another difficulty unique to their industry. Medical care charges are often an unexpected and unbudgeted consumer expense. As a result, medical costs lead to a high number of collection issues. A 2014 report from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau estimated that 52% of the items appearing on credit reports are medical related. The same study concluded that 19.4% of American consumers have a late or uncollected medical bill appearing on their credit report.

Write-offs of bad debt in the double digit percentages are not uncommon for medical practices.

Claims management and medical billing functionality is designed to shorten the length of AR cycles and minimize the number of instances of uncompensated care.

Medical billing software provides standardized workflows and automation features for managing:

  • Eligibility checks
  • Pre-authorizations
  • Co-pay collection
  • Claims submissions to billing clearinghouses or insurance providers
  • Denials
  • Patient billing statements
  • And collections activities.

Additionally, advanced features such as error-detection for claims submissions, automated collections communication management, and AR aging related can not only decrease the labor cost involved in billing, but also boost revenue by reducing instances of uncompensated care.

Other considerations when purchasing medical practice management software

  • User permissions. Access control is key to data security. With high stakes not only because of the standard business need for fraud prevention, but also because of HIPAA regulations, the ability to set user permissions plays an important role in medical practice management software. Depending on your situation, how granularly you need to set user permissions may affect which product is right for you.
  • Customization. Every medical practice is different. And, convincing doctors and other care givers to change their practices to adapt to new software isn’t likely to be a popular or fruitful campaign. The ability to add fields, manage approvals, and configure workflows within your practice management solution is important to ensuring it is embraced by the user community.
  • Deployment. For health care organizations uninterested in dealing with the hassle of maintaining IT hardware and support personnel, there are hosted SaaS options available, in addition to traditional client/server choices.
  • Mobile. Expectations of anytime, anywhere communication have extended into the health-care industry just like any other vertical. Many medical practice management solutions now support mobile interfaces to allow providers to manage their schedule, approve prescriptions, and conduct a variety of other tasks while out of the office.

Popular Medical Practice Management Software Products

Looking for great medical practice management software options? Below you can check out a list of the products most commonly considered by others searching for medical practice management software. The list on this page is based on many years of real software matches. But everyone’s needs are different. Browse for fits with your specific requirements or let us help you identify your top options.

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The companies and representatives you sent our way were prompt and thorough… I definitely would recommend your company as a means to exploring options with qualified providers. — Bruce Conley
Your service saved me some very valuable time and hooked me up with some excellent resources. Thanks for providing this top-notch service. — Linda Vittori
Thanks! Having a service like this to help navigate the ocean of accounting software and help identify potential good-fits without having to delve through numerous bad-fits is of tremendous value! — Mark Carpenter
  • MedEZ by MedEZ

    MedEZ™ is a 32-bit, client-server healthcare software application that works on all Windows platforms, and in many cases no additional hardware is needed to operate its multi-disciplinary customizable modules. MedEZ’s functionality is highly...

  • AMS Practice Management Software by AMS Software

    AMS Practice Management Software, your complete tool for managing today's busy medical office. AMS will help you organize and simplify all of your practice management data needs—patient information, scheduling, billing, insurance, reporting...

  • Imagine Medical Practice Manager by ImagineSoftware

    ImagineSoftware is committed to innovative development and intelligent automation with the Imagine Suite of products, helping clients achieve peak performance and measurable results by streamlining the billing / collections workflow, improving staff...

  • Imagine Medical Practice Manager by ImagineSoftware

    ImagineSoftware is committed to innovative development and intelligent automation with the Imagine Suite of products, helping clients achieve peak performance and measurable results by streamlining the billing / collections workflow, improving staff...

  • Kareo Practice Management by Kareo, Inc.

    Kareo Practice Management makes it easier to run your small medical practice with easy-to-use, cloud-based management and billing that streamlines the way your office works. Streamline everything, from messaging to scheduling to reporting, and...

  • Lytec MD ‑ Practice Management by Lytec Systems

    Lytec MD combines the practice management (PM) features of Lytec with a proven electronic medical record (EMR) that has helped thousands of practices improve quality of care and financial performance. With Lytec MD, you keep the PM you know and add...

  • MicroMD, Practice Management Software by Microsys Computing

    MicroMD is designed to work in all varieties of medical practices, from single physicians to large multi-specialty medical groups, to MSO's and PHO's. MicroMD's scalability supports single or multiple practices with each practice having multiple...

  • PowerPM Practice Management Software by Commercial Logic

    OVERVIEW - PowerPM is a full featured practice management product with integrated CRM, Contact Management, billing, accounts receivable, and management information systems. PowerPM works in conjunction with other Commercial Logic products...

  • Practice Management by Benchmark Systems

    Benchmark Practice Management System streamlines workflow across your entire practice, improving front- and back-end office operations to reduce errors, improve patient care and boost revenue. Built on the strength of over 30 years of expertise...

  • AllegianceMD Medical Billing Software by AllegianceMD

    IMAGINE A SYSTEM THAT: Books 60% of your appointments online. Let your patients input their own demographics. Calls patients to confirm appointments. Allows patients to fill out their history and demographics online, according to...

  • schedulePros ‑ Medical Professional Time and Billing Software by Greg Frazier, CPA, PLLC

    schedulePros is for reporting billable time by medical professionals to enable client billing, payroll processing and accounts payable processing where transactions are entered from the convenience of a single window and posted into Dynamics GP....

  • ECLIPSE by MPN Software Systems

    In 1985, a chiropractor and software developer teamed up to create ECLIPSE. Today, ECLIPSE is ONC-ATCB certified as a Complete EHR and used by thousands of chiropractic, physical therapy and medical offices in all 50 states. With an...

  • AltaPoint Medical EMR by AltaPoint Data Systems

    ALTAPOINT EMR SAVES YOU MONEY. HOW? Reduction in documentation costs Reduction of staff used to locate, pull, copy, store, and transport charts Reduction in nursing, hospital staff, and receptionists needed to search for information...

  • HomeTrak by Hometrak

    HomeTrak is the industry leader in private duty home care business management software. Ease of use, simplicity to learn, time and money saving operation are just a few of the reasons HomeTrak has so many happy users. In addition to the...

  • ERP4Health by InterDyn BMI

    Delivering high-quality services may be the number one priority for providers, but finding ways to reduce costs has become the number one imperative. The key lies in finding ways to streamline processes, eliminate inefficiency, increase...

  • DataSelf BI by DataSelf

    As of January 2009, DataSelf BI, their flagship software package has out-of-the-box Business Intelligence solutions for the following ERP/CRM systems: Microsoft Dynamics GP Sage Accpac ERP Sage BusinessVision Sage CRM Sage Mas 90...

  • Synerion Time and Attendance by Synerion

    The most valuable and important resource of your organization is its workforce. Understanding, managing, and controlling its impact on the company’s profitability is essential for improving business performance. The Synerion Time and Attendance...

  • GMS Non‑Profit Accounting and Financial Management by Grants Management Systems

    GMS is a national developer of accounting and revolving loan software for not-for-profit organizations. The basic accounting package provides comprehensive financial reporting, general ledger, payroll, accounts payable and extensive computerized...

  • Executive Series by Searer Business Technology

    Executive Series Executive Series is a completely integrated accounting solution with strong drill down capabilities. Executive Series is fully customizable through source code to meet the unique needs of your company. Standard features...

  • TimeForce Time & Attendance by InfiniSource (formerly QQest Software Systems)

    Qqest's workforce systems include a broad spectrum of software options to enhance the capabilities of the basic time & attendance package. TimeForce includes employee self service, departmental transfer monitoring, time collection, and more....

  • PROPHIX by PROPHIX Software

    PROPHIX is a multi-user financial software application used by thousands of users worldwide for Budgeting, Planning, Financial Consolidation, Management Reporting and Analysis. PROPHIX offers the familiarity of a spreadsheet-style interface with...

  • Greentree by Greentree International

    Greentree represents a new generation of internet enabled business management tools that makes no compromises in delivering comprehensive functionality, on-line access from desktop products such as Microsoft Excel and a robust and reliable operating...

  • Sage BusinessWorks Accounting by Sage

    Best suited for: - Small companies with 10-50 employees If you're looking for an accounting system that virtually anyone can use, provides extensive reports instantly, and can grow with your business, then Sage BusinessWorks Accounting...

  • Purchasing Management eXtra by Bellwether Software LLC

    Purchasing Management eXtra is a complete end-to-end procurement system that operates in a purely paperless mode. It is available in the Express Version and the SQL Version. PMX's SQL version requires Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 or higher to be...

  • Vivid Reports by Briscoe Solutions

    Features Fast and user-friendly statement set up and modification. Vivid Reports works with the account structure and segments as defined in your accounting system's chart of accounts. Vivid Reports supports drag-and-drop from your chart of...

  • CYMA IV Financial Management System (FMS) by CYMA Systems

    CYMA Financial Management System (FMS) represents the most sophisticated accounting, payroll and human resources software solution on the market for mid-sized businesses. CYMA FMS provides accounting and payroll functionality powerful enough for the...

  • CONTROL by KCI Computing

    CONTROL® integrates all financial management functions, processes, and data. It provides one shared repository of business rules and data and one point of maintenance eliminating disconnects or different versions of the truth. It gives you the...

  • EmpowerFinancials by EmpowerFinancials

    EmpowerFinancials is a family of integrated modules for accounting, distribution and...

  • Sage 500 ERP by Sage

    Maximize your operations, insight and competitive advantage to stay ahead of the pack. Sage 500 ERP solutions (formerly Sage ERP MAS 500) provides customizable enterprise resource planning software designed to run every business function at peak...

  • BNA Fixed Assets Solutions by Bloomberg BNA

    The BNA Fixed Assets product line from BNA Software offers data entry, data management, and reporting capabilities beyond any other program you might be using. BNA Fixed Assets' unique Open Timeline gives you unparalleled flexibility and...

  • Sage CRM by Sage

    Over 12,000 small and medium-sized organizations in 70 countries use Sage CRM every day to manage critical sales, marketing and customer service activities, helping them to find new customers, close sales faster, and build lasting, profitable...

  • QuickBooks Online by Intuit

    Anytime, Anywhere, Anyone Accounting: Connecting Multiple People and Locations via the Web QuickBooks Online is the most flexible way to link multiple users and locations to their business finances-anytime, anywhere. It has the accounting...

  • Sage Fixed Assets by Sage

    It's an unfortunate reality that many companies and organizations overpay thousands, sometimes even millions, in insurance and tax costs due to improperly or ineffectively managing and depreciating their fixed assets. Sage FAS Fixed Assets provide...

  • NetSuite Small Business by NetSuite

    NetSuite Small Business enables companies to manage accounting and payroll, customer relationship management, sales and marketing, employee productivity and web presence operations on one integrated platform for true inter-departmental collaboration...

  • Tenrox PSA (Professional Services Automation) by Upland Software

    Multi award winning and leading professional services automation software for today’s project-based global dispersed businesses. PSA software helps manage your professional service practice or internal IT office. Helps manage resource...

  • UNIT4 Business World by UNIT4 Business Software

    UNIT4 Business World is a fully integrated role-focused ERP system, ideal for service or people based organizations that need financial accounting and other back office software integrated with a broader range of core business functions in a single...

  • QuickBooks Pro by Intuit

    QuickBooks, with more than 80% retail market share and over 2 million users, is the undisputed leader in accounting software for small businesses. Intuit designed QuickBooks to bring complete financial management capabilities to small business...

  • Infinity POWER Advanced Accounting Software by Data Pro Accounting Software

    Infinity POWER is designed to provide an easy to use, but highly flexible, core accounting system for a wide range of businesses. Unique in the way these products are created, Infinity POWER allows business owners and managers alike the...

  • Appgen Custom Suite by Appgen Business Software

    The Appgen Custom Suite is a collection of collaborative commerce modules from which you select to form a 'Total Business Management' computing environment for your own small to mid-sized business. These modules were designed specifically for...

  • AQURIT by AQ2 Technologies

    AQURIT(tm) is the first system designed to deposit 200 or more checks daily, post to A/R, reduce or eliminate bank fees, improve reporting, lower labor costs, and use image for transaction research, printing, and CD/internet distribution. AQURIT...

  • OSAS by Open Systems

    OSAS® is a powerful, award-winning accounting and business management system for Windows, Linux, UNIX and Mac users. OSAS is flexible and easy to customize to your requirements. Built on a long track record of successful implementations, OSAS...

  • Unanet Professional Services Automation by Unanet

    Unanet provides pain-free enterprise service automation software for organizations that need to reliably plan, track and manage people and projects. Unanet is the easiest to use, has the deepest functionality, and drives to the tightest customer...

  • ALCIE Financials Suite by ALCIE Integrated Solutions

    ALCIE Financials is a versatile, fully integrated, multi-faceted suite of accounting modules including Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Fixed Assets and Payroll. Features include on-line inquiry with multi-level drill-down,...

  • CIS (Core Information System) by Kobelt Development

    CIS is an integration of the core entities and functions found in most commercial information. Modeled using the SYNON CASE tool, the business objects and methods of CIS allow you to customize your system to meet your specific needs, and add value...

  • NetSuite CRM+ by NetSuite

    NetSuite CRM+ is the only Web-based CRM system that: Provides a true 360 degree view of all customer data and customer interactions, including complete visibility into all financial transactions and website interactions without any...

  • Technisoft Service Manager by Technisoft

    Technisoft Service Manager is a full integrated ACCPAC solution focusing on the Service and Job Management industries. It is the Front End product that will drive your business on a daily basis and assist in the planning, controlling and organizing...

  • Concur Expense by Concur Technologies

    The world's leading travel and entertainment expense management solution serving the enterprise, from business travelers to managers to accounting staff. Concur Expense increases policy compliance and accuracy, and shortens reimbursement times while...

  • PrintBoss by Wellspring Software

    PrintBoss is a Windows product designed to capture data from Windows accounting packages and combine the data with digital forms. This allows your accounting documents to be printed on blank white paper, or in the case of checks, on blank check...

  • rePORTAL ‑ web portal for FRx and Crystal reports by Shahrabani & Associates, LLC

    rePORTAL is a cost-effective solution for small and medium-sized companies that need to manage and distribute reports and information to employees and customers. It allows firms to manage, schedule and distribute FRx and Crystal reports, as well...

  • Apparel Maestro by Information Integration Group

    MAS 90 already an incredibly robust business solution for distribution and manufacturing companies now easily integrates with IIG's Size and Color Matrix Processing Enhancement to provide the key functionality needed to fulfill the size and color...

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