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System Maintenance allows the creation and cessation of users and fully configurable security settings. Zavanti ERP also allows for the inclusion of “User Groups” which is a collection of users all sharing the same authority level and access rights. This allows for System Administrators to quickly and efficiently manage all users within the software.

User security is also defined within Systems Maintenance for all users of the Zavanti ERP. Users can be restricted to only view, such as job properties and not be able to update any information on the job, or perhaps restricted from being able to edit tax amounts for any transactions, or seeing payment details for any suppliers or supplier.

Providing that a User has been given access, they are then able to change their own password.

Authority Levels, if required, are set up in Systems Maintenance. These levels indicated what can and cannot be done by a user. Each user is assigned an Authority level.

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"Security" is part of the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) & Financials line of products, developed by Zavanti.

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