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  • The Sales Module for Accounting Suite allows business owners and entrepreneurs welcome flexibility in Orders, Invoicing, Customer Returns, Customer Refunds and accepting Customer Payments.
  • In the world of small business, Cash is King. The simple to use browser-based interface of AccountingSuite allows for flexible Invoicing, Cash Sales and Cash receipts. All from your MacBook, PC, laptop and mobile device.

Sales Order Features and Benefits

  • AccountingSuite allows for backorders so you don’t lose out on additional revenue when you are short on shipping to customers. You can add unlimited shipping addresses for each customer which is retained in history. This allows your marketing department to market to real customers that have received your products and services.
  • During the Order and Quote entry process, cloud-based AccountingSuite allows you to check each inventory item on the fly by a simple click or touch. Find out Quantity On Hand, the Last Cost, Average Cost, Quantity on existing Purchase Orders, Quantity on other Sales Orders without ever leaving your Order Entry screen. In fact, you can even edit the Inventory item while entering your Order.
  • Browser-based AccountingSuite allows you to quickly print your Sales Order and Quotes and save to PDF, send, print or any other functionality that you may need. Save to Google Docs and share quickly with your customer, partner or co-workers.

Sales Invoice Features and Benefits

  • Cloud-based AccountingSuite has extreme flexibility for new business owners, advanced entrepreneurs and accounting veterans. Invoice from an existing Sales Order or create a new invoice on the fly with no Sales Order while the customer is on the phone or there in your office.
  • AccountingSuite displays the gross margin per line item before sending the invoice to your customer. Add more cash to your pocket and make sure you are not losing money on each sale.
  • Ability to copy an invoice and create a new invoice is simple and extremely quick. This allows for time-savings and major efficiencies in your invoicing process. Leading to happier employees and customers.

Cash Sales Uncomplicated

  • The quickest way to cash is through Cash Sales, and cloud-based Accounting Suite is a simple, intuitive way to get your business to start making Cash Sales. Each sale is instantly posted to your system and no additional entries or processes are needed to see where your business currently stands cash-wise.
  • Use AccountingSuite’s Cash Sale interface as your POS system from any web browser on a PC, Mac, iPad or mobile device. Inventory information is instantaneous and there are no additional processes to update with your books being in balance. Your whole company will have up-to-date information using their browser.
  • Simple and easy, that is the way we designed your AccountingSuite solution for Cash Sales.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Sales Module:

"Sales Module" is part of the AccountingSuite line of products, developed by Yellow Labs Software, Inc..