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  • The Purchasing Module for Accounting Suite allows business owners simple access to create Purchase Orders, add Vendor/Suppliers on the fly and receive inventory. Vendor invoices are quickly created by copying an existing invoice or creating a new invoice from a purchase order, saving time to allow for employees to analyze information and expense to projects. Purchase Return is built-in to the software and allows for credit memos or refunds which can be received against in cash receipts.

Purchase Order Features and Benefits

  • AccountingSuite Purchase Order screens are enabled for creating a new purchase order or simply copying from an existing purchase order (open or closed) in the PO list. A unique feature of AccountingSuite is that your Vendor can also be your customer (if the company is set up this way). In addition your vendor can have multiple addresses, thus alleviating the need to setup a new vendor for each purchase address or billing address they may have. AccountingSuite allows the addition of new items on the fly that may not already be setup in AccountingSuite.
  • As you enter the order, you are automatically in “New” status. Hitting the button keeps you in the Order, but is now changed to “Draft” so you can take a break and come back. Once the user clicks the order status is changed to “Open”, but you can still stay in the Order! Simplifying the process and not exiting users out of screens keeps your workflow more efficient.
  • Editing existing orders is fairly simple, since AccountingSuite lists orders and gives users simple navigation tools to sort by columns such as date, status, and vendor. Double-click on and order and you are back in the order and click an button to edit. By the way, all actions are traced and recorded for historical purposes in case you need to go back and “undo” something you shouldn’t have done. Or if a manager or other user needs to update the Purchase Order from their iPad.

Purchase Invoice and Returns

  • Supplier and Vendor Invoices are simple to enter from existing purchase orders or basic invoice entry. Line items can be classified and expensed to projects as needed for simplified project accounting. Each invoice screen is broken out into 2 tabs which feature a separate tab for expenses and items (for inventory or assets). Built in controls make sure that user entry follows best practices by only allowing items in the item tab and expenses in the expenses tab.
  • Project accounting is a breeze with AccountingSuite, which allows each line for item or expense to be allocated to a project. We used the simple “tag” methodology to allow you to add projects on the fly and make the assignment to projects. Keeping this process simple is our methodology.
  • Purchase Returns are uncomplicated in AccountingSuite. Many users are frustrated by this process and end up using manual methods. We simplified this approach, by simply giving you the following options when creating a Purchase Return:
    • Credit Memo/Refund – which you can receive against in Cash Receipts!
    • Vendor Invoice for the Return if there is a specific invoice against the return
    • Currency options – functionality in case you are returning in a foreign currency
    • Flexibility to return without choosing a specific invoice
    • Simple field for entering the RMA number provided by your Supplier

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Purchase Module:

"Purchase Module" is part of the AccountingSuite line of products, developed by Yellow Labs Software, Inc..