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A web‑based software system designed by Yellow Labs Software, Inc. for startups and small organizations.
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Cloud-Based AccountingSuite is uncomplicated accounting, order management and inventory software for growing businesses. Designed for the 99% of us who aren’t accountants, AccountingSuite makes it easier to run your business and find the information you need whenever and wherever you need it.

Their mission is to provide easy-to-use, no-nonsense business software for startups, entrepreneurs, and established businesses to manage their finances and day-to-day operations.

Their vision for AccountingSuite is to give you, your employees and business partners easy, secure access to company information from anywhere on the planet—empowering everyone at your company with the business-critical information that often makes the difference between gaining new customers and losing them to the competition.

Functionality Modules

Sales Module The Sales Module for Accounting Suite allows business owners and entrepreneurs welcome flexibility in Orders, Invoicing, Customer Returns, Customer Refunds and accepting…

Accounting and Reporting Module The Accounting Module for Accounting Suite allows business owners simple access to the financial information and reporting tools needed to make critical business decision.…

Purchase Module The Purchasing Module for Accounting Suite allows business owners simple access to create Purchase Orders, add Vendor/Suppliers on the fly and receive inventory. Vendor…

Reviews of AccountingSuite

from Parthenon Envelope Co. LLC says…

Our software had not been updated since 2003. When I first came across AS online, I was a little skeptical of change, especially to a cloud based program. I was very impressed with the software and how simple it is to make it work for your benefit. It is extremely difficult to find an accounting program that a manufacturing company can easily adapt to, but we have found that with A.S.

The good: Too many to list but right off the top of my head, but their support is second to none! I couldn’t ask for a better group to work with and train us on this software. Any time I have encountered an issue or didn’t understand something, they were always just a phone call away. If the software didn’t do exactly how I wanted it to, my suggestions were taken into consideration OR I was shown a different way to do things that would work for me and I would get the same results. Our company definitely gets their moneys worth! A.S. is much more affordable than a major competitors cloud based software and it does SO much more for me than theirs could! I feel very fortunate to have found this company and this software and especially the people I have had the pleasure of working with!

The bad: There’s really nothing negative to say! Every issue that I have encountered has been accepted graciously and I’ve always felt that my opinions were important.

from Studio SB says…

AS is a robust, nicely-designed, and affordable package which has the convenience of the Cloud.

The good: There’s really nothing ‘best’ about it because there are so many positives: the staff at AS is excellent, the software is nicely presented/designed aesthetically, the functionality is robust …

The bad: There are some minor omissions in screens/lookups.

from PQI Technical Wear, LLC. says…

Accounting Suite is an affordable icloud accounting system which include inventory system.

The good: the software has more than meeting our accounting needs at this stage and glad that it keeps developing with new features so we can grow with them.

The bad: Sometimes we stumble on bugs with the software but technical support is always there to help. Some need time to fix but they will update the status.

from E Group Inc. says…

Overall, the AccountingSuite is a very good accounting software. It gives us many functions such as sales orders, purchase orders, invoices, payments, etc., specially the inventory and reports which are so helpful for our distribution business. The software is easy to use and very convenient to work on multi pages on the same time. It improves our operation efficiency and save time and costs.

With the solutions they are working on, I believe AccountingSuite will be getting better and better.

The good: The most functions/modules I like are the Sales, Inventory and reports.

The bad: If the print forms can be more editable (customizable), that will be better.

from BookKeepInc says…

AccountingSuite is a highly innovative, incredibly intuitive, web-based accounting software that has found a way to maintain all of that integrity while keeping fluid with the market and staying incredibly affordable!

The good: The affordability, cloud solution and the overall intelligence of the software is a wonderful breath of fresh air in the world of accounting! When you talk to the developers, they’re not just software people, they have backgrounds in accounting and you can tell by how versatile, yet simple the software is! The only question you’re left with is WHERE HAS THIS BEEN ALL MY LIFE!!!!!

The bad: Everything is on the ground floor. While that is an exciting place to be in a relationship with such a great company, it’s also a little frustrating. There are little glitches that need to be ironed out. However, when you call, you make suggestions or have an issue they have to help you with and, BOOM, it’s fixed, changed or revised in a way that SCREAMS they are soooooooooooo listening to you!

Also, the verbiage takes some getting used to. If you’re not an Accounting professional, this probably won’t matter much to you. However, as someone who has been doing accounting (sadly, mostly QuickBooks for the past 20 years), changing my jargon has been challenging. You say ‘payments’, I say ‘checks or debits’. And so, on. So, I really have to switch gears to wrap my brain around how it’s worded on AccountingSuite as opposed to how I’m used to referring to something. However, I will say, the jargon they use actually is correct and makes more sense than the jargon I’ve unfortunately become accustomed to!

from Electronics Teaching Tools, LLC says…

It was very hard to find an affordable accounting software that included all the features we needed. Accounting Suite was the only option that fit perfectly with our small business. Most softwares require upgrading plans in order to get all the features. We found Accounting Suite to handle everything from complex inventory with large assemblies to simple everyday tasks. Customer support training and set up assistance was amazing. They walked us through it all. We are very happy with the switch and highly recommend it.

The good: We sell large assemblies and that is a rare feature to find unless it’s a high end very complex and expensive software. We had almost given up on integrating inventory management and accounting together but with Accounting Suite it’s all in one place and running very smoothly.

The bad: The few hick-ups we encountered the team is already working on improving.

from US Decor, LLC says…

AccountingSuite is a one stop shop online accounting system that can link directly to your bank account, credit card, etc. Not only that but it is a true ERP… creating quotes, managing items, creating POs, sales orders, invoices, etc. And it is customizable for your individual needs.

The good: AccountingSuite is accessible at any time - no software to install and no software updates to worry about. All that is needed is internet access. Customer service is responsive and helpful, and the training offered is FREE and awesome! They do a great job with ensuring that their customer has the tools needed to be successful with AccountingSuite. Not only does it handle all the accounting functions, but it also manages inventory. Best product for the money!