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The state of Minnesota requires that a Certificate of Rent Paid (CRP) be provided to all Minnesota renters whose managing agent paid property taxes during the current year. Yardi’s CRP feature-set automates the process and ensures that the state’s reporting requirements are met.

The CRP program calculates the percentage of rent paid by each individual (or couple) who rented during occupancy. It allows the managing agent to print the CRP form at time of move out or at year-end. The program has the flexibility to include multiple charges in the calculation; for example, rent, garage/parking fees, and other special assessments charged under the lease terms. The program allows the managing agent to enter the proper year, parcel number of the property, county and the correct calculating percentage taken from the current landlord instruction sheet.

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"Minnesota Certificate of Rent Paid" is part of the Yardi Voyager Property Management line of products, developed by Yardi Systems.

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