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Yardi Internet Voyager web-enables the Yardi Enterprise property and asset management applications giving you real-time information, integrated accounting, and processing power from anywhere you can hook-up to the Internet.

This global access to a centralized database offers not only faster processing time, but the ability to run up-to-the-minute reports and handle transactions, enterprise-wide, from anywhere at any time.

When you streamline your workflow with Voyager’s flexible options and automated tasks, you insure your company’s competitive edge.

Comprehensive Residential Work Flow

Everything you need to make the smooth transition from prospect to resident can be handled over the Internet, quickly and easily.

Yardi Internet Voyager provides you with all the tools necessary to manage the work flow of establishing and maintaining your new resident, including access to the resident ledger.

  • Create Custom Views Into Your Data.
  • Create custom Active Server Pages that merge with your Yardi data.
  • Create customized Late Notices, Thank You Letters, Lease Forms—-there’s no limit on what you can create!

On-Line Marketing

With Voyager’s iListings, investors and potential residents can access pictures of properties, their pertinent data and current availability. Once they find the perfect property, prospects can request application forms—-right from the listing!

Powerful Reminders

Internet Voyager’s Daily Activity Calendar searches your system and finds all date sensitive information to keep you informed of your day-to-day activities.

How does it all work?

The 3-tier architecture of Yardi Internet Voyager™ uses Internet Explorer (version 5.0 or greater) at the site, and NT or 2000 server with IIS features at the home office. Connection types can vary based on the level of performance you demand from dial up to T1, you can choose the connectivity method that works best for you.

DSL/cable modem lines perform very well for Yardi clients with a minimal cost per remote office. The best part is that while older site-based programs demanded license fees for each location, Yardi Voyager is a centralized system so you are still using only concurrent licensing. This means a dramatic price savings.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Yardi Internet Voyager:

"Yardi Internet Voyager" is part of the Yardi Enterprise Property Management line of products, developed by Yardi Systems.

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