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Yardi Enterprise Property Management is a great fit for many businesses. Find out if it's the right choice for you! Are you looking for a Yardi Enterprise Property Management demo, technical support, product or pricing information or to simply to compare Yardi Enterprise Property Management with competitive options? Quickly get answers and the information you need.

Today you can have the perfect combination of tools necessary to fulfill your affordable housing commitments all in one place.

Integrated, centralized, customizable, intuitive and easy to use. With Yardi Affordable Housing, easily design your workstations to meet specific core task requirements and prevent recapture.

Yardi Systems, Inc. has the technical staff and expertise, plus a solid foundation of working with HUD, Housing Finance Agencies, Contract Administrators and Housing Authorities, to assure that your data is submitted accurately and on-time.

One system. One database. True integration. Yardi’s Got It!

Options in technology. For data coming in from remote sites, try Yardi’s optional browser-based solution.

Whether you choose Yardi’s workstation or browser-based option, Yardi’s Affordable Housing provides HUD program compliance, Section 42 (LIHTC) compliance, integrated accounting and the most advanced reporting tools available in the industry.

Instant access to resident compliance calculations. Yardi’s Affordable Housing software makes automatic calculations that will determine if the resident meets your program compliance requirements.

Instant access to compliance history. With Yardi’s tree controls, one click gets you into each resident’s certification report and automatically verifies information to comply with both HUD and tax credit requirements.

The power of drill down. Most reports offer ‘drill down’ from a line item on the report to underlying data. Double click on any line of a report and you will drill down to the underlying detail.

The ease of complete integration. Yardi Affordable Housing offers quick access to information through integrated accounting and compliance. The Affordable screen at the right illustrates drill down from the Preposting Report for rent and HAP, to the tenant screen right down to the tenant ledger.

Unique to Yardi. Both HUD program and Section 42 compliance are contained within in one system. The project button lets you access detailed HUD and Section 42 information. Our automatic recalculation feature streamlines the annual input of new income limits.

Automatic household compliance features. Yardi enables you to see at a glance if a household fails the Section 42 compliance, and also provides the exact reason.

At the same time the system automatically compares real-time applicable fraction by both unit and square feet with first year applicable fraction.

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