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xTuple’s Product module includes Items, Bills of Materials and support for Standard, Actual and Average Costing. You have enormous flexibility in defining and describing your Items, including support for Aliases (what your customers or suppliers might call something), Substitutes, various types of Images suitable for online catalogs, pick lists, engineering diagrams, and more. There are Item Variants, with support for user-defined Options and Attributes, which allows you to build infinite variations on your standard finished goods. Bills of Materials, the basic definition of how a product is manufactured, can be as simple, or as complex, as you like (an infinite number of levels deep).


The Manufacture module is the heart of xTuple’s manufacturing execution and controls all orders, operations and work centers on the shop floor. There are several stages of Work Orders, including Open, Exploded (materials requirements issued and operations created), Released to the floor, In Process and Closed. Managers can control production schedules and priorities at all stages of the manufacturing process and can track variances in material usage and labor with precision. You can also maintain and modify Production Bills of Materials and Bills of Operations for maximum flexibility.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Bill of Materials:

"Bill of Materials" is part of the xTuple ERP for Windows, Linux, Mac and mobile line of products, developed by xTuple.