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Xtiva is the leading provider of sales management software and performance measurement system solutions for the financial services industry. Our hosted and managed services improve brokerage compensation management and leverage performance information and results to strengthen producer relationships. Broker-dealers profit with Xtiva by increasing productivity, organizational trust and operations efficiency while reducing risks.

The history of Xtiva dates back to the 1990’s when the founding principals, William Lieberman and James Iacabucci, worked together at CMR Technologies, a software development firm specializing in products for financial services firms. Northeast Securities, founded by Xtiva’s current CEO, Thomas Moysak, then a client of CMR, commissioned Messrs. Lieberman and Iacabucci to create a user-friendly commission software solution to replace the cumbersome spreadsheets that were being used to calculate rep compensation. The two agreed to undertake the project as they saw a tremendous opportunity in the commission system marketplace. They produced Commission ManagerTM, a Windows-based program that is able to solve complex compensation queries within seconds.

In 1996, Bear Stearns signed the first marketing agreement for Commission ManagerTM whereby Bear Stearns would market the product to its 300+ fully-disclosed correspondent clearing clients. The Company was spun out of CMR in July 1998 and Xtiva Financial Systems, Inc. was incorporated in the same year. In June 2001, Xtiva received a significant investment from the predecessor of Broadridge Financial Solutions.

Over the years, Xtiva has grown from handling the requirements of small, fully-disclosed broker-dealers to servicing some of the largest financial institutions in the world, including Ameriprise, AXA, MetLife, RBC and UBS. The Company is currently based in New York City and maintains a technology office in San Francisco.

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