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  • Print Labels
    • Prints to a range of label sizes for products and customers, and can be printed to a label sheet or spooled on the Dymo LabelWriter (support for either format varies per label size)
  • Label Designer
    • Gives you full control of the layout of your product labels, including the ability to add graphics and to arrange the information that appears for a look that’s unique to your business
  • Serial Number History
    • Tracks product serial numbers as they move through the system, from being received on a purchase order to being sold on an invoice, booked in on a Service Repair Order, or transferred to a virtual warehouse
  • Set Reorder Points for your products so that when stock diminishes to the level you’ve set, you will be prompted to place another order using the one-click purchasing feature
  • Count Inventory
    • Minimizes the pain of an inventory count by making efficient use of product labels and the barcode scanner, aggregating your quantities for you as you scan
    • Counts, which can represent areas of your store or virtual warehouses, and can be edited and amended prior to the inventory reconciliation step
  • Virtual Warehouses allow you to have products that you want to show as unavailable for sale but are still part of your inventory
  • Transfer stock from your sellable inventory to one of ten “stockpiles”, ie. Demo equipment, desktop units, repairs
  • Set Selling Prices and Set Product Info allow you to make batch changes of specific subsets of your products, including tax statuses, alternate pricing levels, and markups based on category or brand
  • Live Rules allow you to set up rules that can be applied automatically to your products if they meet the particular set of criteria you’ve set

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Inventory:

"Inventory" is part of the LightSpeed line of products, developed by Xsilva.