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A full ERP system designed by Xsilva for retail trade companies.
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Ring in sales faster-with the industry’s most intuitive POS.

Gain the high-speed, error-free advantages of visual checkout. Ringing in a product is as simple as selecting its image. LightSpeed automates all pricing, including customer and quantity discounts. Support multiple salespeople at one station. Place an order on hold; then re-open it on-the-fly. Handle returns and exchanges quickly and accurately. No other POS makes retail this easy.

LightSpeed makes it easy to configure your POS screen and user privileges to fit your store, your staff, and your selling strategy.

Finding products and customers has never been faster. Cover Flow through product or customer images. See search results appear instantly as you type. And scan barcodes to build invoices with ease and simplicity.

For faster, high-volume sales environments, use Button Mode to rapidly drill down through your own customized categories. And the POS has been optimized for touchscreen technology, making any product only a few touches away. Increase productivity, minimize errors, and reduce learning curves.

Personalize each customer’s retail experience with instant access to customer information-right from the POS screen. Up-sell and cross-sell with pop-up suggestions based on the customer’s purchase. Win and retain loyalty with automatic customer-based pricing and quantity discounts. Instant lookups of inventory at your other locations help shoppers find exactly what they’re looking for. Sharing the same customer and transaction information across all stores maximizes efficiency, service and convenience.

Use LightSpeed to turn your Mac into the ultimate POS for your retail environment. LightSpeed comes with plug-and-play support for barcode scanners, card swipes, pole displays, receipt printers, label printers, and cash drawers.

Functionality Modules

Point of Sale Scan Mode offers high-speed barcode scanner-driven invoicing Button Mode offers touchscreen-friendly category-based invoicing Search or Browse Customers and Products using…

Inventory Print Labels Prints to a range of label sizes for products and customers, and can be printed to a label sheet or spooled on the Dymo LabelWriter (support for either format…

Sales Not every retailer needs a POS focused solution. LightSpeed gives your salespeople all the toolds they need to server your customers effectively. Create quotes and invoices…

Accounting Even though LightSpeed does not have accounting specific modules, it does integrate with QuickBooks, AccountEdge and others. LightSpeed does contain an Accounts Receiveable…

Customer Management Customer window lets you track everything about a customer, storing multiple phone numbers, addresses, contacts and customer photos Set default language, currency,…

Jobs and Timesheets Service-based businesses like spas or consultants can process time-billing, schedule appointments, and create and sell products to reflect the services they sell.…

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