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A developer of business management software.

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XpertSS serves the order entry and inventory control needs of small to medium sized businesses by developing software that is extremely easy to install and use. And, unlike our competition, we let you modify our systems using the design facilities of Lotus Approach. We also offer customization services at very reasonable rates!

While XpertSS has only been in business since early 1999, the basic order entry product line has been available since 1996 from other companies. We purchased the line in 2000 and upgraded both the product and its support. And we are committed to continual improvements to meet the needs of our customers in the future.

XpertSS’s owner is Sue Sloan, a recognized expert in Lotus Approach and in database design and development. She also has over 35 years of technical and business experience, starting with a career in IBM and over 12 years running her own small business.

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