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A developer of business management software.

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XLerant is a cloud-based corporate budget preparation, forecasting, and management reporting, software company that focuses on both higher education institutions and mid-sized service organizations.

XLerant was founded by financial and systems professionals from Fortune 500 companies. The founders had the vision of dramatically improving the archaic and senseless processes they experienced at these large companies, specifically targeting solutions for organizations who were mired in Excel Hell.

The vision of the founders of XLerant was shaped by their own work in the budget planning and analysis processes for Fortune 500 companies; not as consultants but as employees. They recognized that the most important job any manager has is to manage resources - time, people and money. Corporate performance management therefore begins with the line manager, and its very success hinges upon their direct and willing participation.

The guiding principle of development at XLerant is to dramatically improve both user flexibility AND financial controls – and to get financial people out of the Excel system development process. Budgeting is a “mission critical” application that needs its own set of capabilities. XLerant founders fundamentally believe that user and finance needs can only be met with an application that exclusively focuses on the complexities and uniqueness of budgeting.

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