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Cloud ERP for ambitious organizations

Xledger is a good fit for ambitious companies and non-profits that embrace technology, and would like to use automation and best practices to improve their business processes.

Xledger is a 100% genuine cloud based solution on a multi-tenant platform, with all the benefits of true cloud. Users can access Xledger in any browser and on any platform: PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone.

Xledger differentiates on automation, scalability and insight and promises to deliver more value to ambitious organizations than the competition.

The vision behind Xledger is to simplify business management and reduce complexity by providing an out-of-the-box solution that is configurable to each customer’s needs.

The customer reaps the benefit of a unified solution, with all the capabilities of a full-fledged ERP system. Xledger provides core accounting (GL, AP, AR), payment processing (check printing, ACH, wire transfer), cash management, billing & invoicing, time sheet, expense reports, budgeting & forecasting, revenue recognition, fixed asset accounting, inventory management, purchasing, fund accounting & donor management (for non-profits), project accounting, CRM, payroll and financial reporting capabilities.

Users have access to GL analysis, drill-down capability, reporting in real-time information, graphs, dashboards, KPIs and powerful business intelligence and analytical tools.

Xledger takes a customer centric approach and provides personalized technical support from the United States, reflected in its customers retention rate of more than 98%.

Xledger is available in more than 20 languages (including Chinese and Arabic) and has powerful capabilities for handling every aspect of international business, including consolidation across different business units in different countries, and across multiple currencies.


Xledger is the most automated business management system on the market. Automation not only saves labor, time and money—it contributes to reducing errors.

  • OCR scanning/recognition of invoices allows the system to read and extract the information automatically, and then suggest how to post it.
  • Bank integration enables electronic payments directly from the system and fully automated bank reconciliation.
  • Centralized check printing services eliminate the need for specialized equipment and unnecessary labor.
  • Advanced workflow streamlines processes for posting and approval of bills from different locations. Workflow enhances and automates internal controls around expense approvals and release of cash. Workflow collaboration allows teams to manage the full lifecycle of a project, from time tracking and resource planning, to accounting and billing.


  • Role based access designed to provide overview and business insight to decision makers at all levels of an organization.
  • Users have access to GL analysis, drill-down capability, graphs, dashboards, and powerful reporting capabilities of real-time information.
  • Business intelligence and analytical tools such as pivot charts and KPIs, where data can be analyzed from all possible angles.


Xledger is an extremely robust and scalable business management solution with powerful capabilities that you will never outgrow.

Xledger’s inheritance principle allows for unparalleled scalability for multi-entity organizations.

  • Hierarchies are easy to configure: each level inherits the rules from the level immediately above.
  • Deviations from this can be made at the company or business unit level.
  • Setting up a new company or business unit is simplified because the matrix is already designed at the enterprise level.
  • The user can easily move between various levels and companies in the enterprise structure without having to log in for each company or business unit.
  • Enables easy and accurate cash management across a distributed organization, and you can free up front line resources by centralizing/automating back-office functions.
  • Implementation and set up for multi-entity organizations occur simpler, faster and more cost-effectively than competitor systems.

Robust capabilities built on best practices

Xledger’s philosophy is “configuration over customization”. The reason is that customization changes the underlying application and breaks a customer’s ability to cost-efficiently upgrade to future versions. At no additional cost, Xledger’s customers are always on the latest version of the software. With four major upgrades each year Xledger is constantly adding value and productivity gains through new features and functionalities. Xledger’s uptime is 99.98%.

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