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Xerious Solutions L.L.C.

A developer of business management software designed for the manufacturing industry.

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Xerious Solutions is a developer of Customizable Accounting & MRP Software. We have been in this business for twenty years and have installed over 150 systems. Typical customers of the Xe product line are Manufacturing, Distribution and Job Shop companies across many industries with annual sales up to $20M.

It is our goal to provide our market with the most cost effective solution available. There are several factors which determine the overall cost effectiveness of software. The most obvious is the price of the software. Ours is very competitive. But there are the additional costs of training personnel, and lost productivity time due to support issues. We provide on-site training of your personnel only after we have conducted an in-depth analysis of your operation. In this way your personnel are trained how to use the software as a tool to enhance their productivity. Our dedication to same day response to support issues minimizes the loss of personnel productivity. It is our belief that when you look at the total cost of ownership, our solution is easily the most cost effective available.

At Xerious Solutions, we believe in forming personal relationships with our customers. The more we know about your operation, the better we can serve your needs. When you call Xerious Solutions, you will speak with a person. If the right person isn’t available, we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible. * Our customers are our most valued asset and form the foundation of our very existence.*

Our full product line and our commitment to service are the primary reasons our business has been successful for so many years. This dedication to providing the best software service available has been and will continue to be our policy.

Providing excellent software service requires more than just dedication. The personnel servicing the customer must meet high standards, and the product must be capable of being serviced quickly without the risk of damaging or losing customers’ sensitive data. As most software companies grow, the quality of support declines. By not allowing this to happen at Xerious Solutions, we ensure a successful growth plan.

From an operational standpoint, we have several mechanisms in place to maintain our level of service. We set up temporary backup procedures for our customers and train them to use them on a scheduled basis. We maintain a library of corrective software utilities to reset activity in the system in case of operator error or system failures, and we utilize a highly reliable telecommunications package for remote support. Our support options allow us to serve customers from a centralized support location or at their business site, whichever is needed.

We’re a different kind of software company.

Product Lines

  • Xe Distribution

    A web-based software system designed by Xerious Solutions L.L.C. for distribution/wholesale trade companies.

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    • Xe Plant

      A full ERP system designed by Xerious Solutions L.L.C. for distribution/wholesale trade and manufacturing companies.

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