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Let us show you how to reduce your Returned Materials Processing Costs by eliminating the administration time, tracking costs, disposition time, and the unnecessary paper work…

Manage processing and tracking of returned materials authorizations and tracking the way YOU want to. Get out from under the paper stack! Let the system create and send returned material authorization electronically. A dynamic link between the original customer order line and the returned materials tracking and management system.

Let the integrated system automatically issue credit, track material returned to stock, issue replacement or rework orders, allow for on-sight scrap authorization, and track material location and dispositioning costs.

You probably will want to control some procedures manually of course. That’s why we built the order processing policies into the authorization processes. You decide which how to handle the claim from your customer … we’ll make sure your decisions are documented and tracked. You can concentrate on the real problems.

vLet us take the drudgery out of managing and tracking requests to return materials. We even keep a score card of the pre authorized costs verses the actual cost of each RGA claim.

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"Returned Goods Authorization" is part of the GXD - Graphical ERP-Manufacturing/Distribution/Accounting (Windows Version) line of products, developed by Xdata Solutions.

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