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Xdata Solutions

A developer of business management software designed for the manufacturing industry.

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Is your manufacturing or distribution business searching for a new ERP solution? Xdata solutions has the answer for you. With a speicialty in Make to Order, Xdata has created products to fit a few specific areas including:

  • Make to Order manufacturing
  • Custom upholstered furniture manufacturing
  • Correctional industries
  • Lot/serial controlled inventory and products

Xdata has customers throughout North America and with many years first hand experience, Xdata has developed solutions to meet all of your accounting, manufacturing, distribution and inventory needs.

In addition to their ERP system GXD, many companies like yours are searching for a solution with Returned Goods Authorization (RGA) or Returned Merchansise Authorization (RMA). Xdata has recently released Return Goods Authorization System to help with your returned product needs.

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