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Reports, in both graph and text format, generated by XactAnalysis provide you with detailed information about the status of your claims around the country. The real-time information reporting provided, allows your managers to be properly informed and able to make crucial business decisions. XactAnalysis allows you to drill-down to any level of detail (state, county, zip code). Drilling down can be done in a visual format with a geographical US map; this map allows you to view the location of your claims across the country, within a state, or even a zip code.

XactAnalysis also gives you versatility in several other areas of your reporting processes. You can view accurate trending information, allowing you to identify trends such as: scoping trends, training issues, quality analysis; for any time period in any geographical area. You are also able to make head-to-head comparisons of performance by: staff members, contractors, individual adjusters, adjusting organizations, and specialty programs. The interactivity of each report within XactAnalysis allows you to, with one click of a mouse, view the details behind the data in any report generated. You are able to set up rules within XactAnalysis that alert you if a specific measurement is met. Finally, this product allows you to compare yourself to the rest of your industry at any level. Since XactAnalysis is so widely used in the insurance industry, you can rest assured that you are receiving the most accurate comparisons available to your industry.

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