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XactAnalysis for Underwriters will provide you with a better way to distribute assignments and track their activity from start to finish. By using XactAnalysis you can eliminate the cumbersome task of manually coordinating communication and events; therefor providing your company with a much more efficient and accurate workflow process.

Within the system you can set up your different staff members (agents, general staff, third party inspectors) with areas and types of valuations they are authorized to cover; this decision is made once and will dictate the initial path assignments take when your organization receives them. Assignments can be made for a single valuation or a group of valuations. Assignments can then be manually assigned or automatically sent in bulk. Whoever receives the assignment will get an automatic and immediate notification, via the media of your choice (fax, pager, email, or phone); by immediately distributing assignments the instant they are received, response time is reduced to an absolute minimum. Then the assignment receiver can log into 360Value and enter basic information about the home the valuation request is referencing. At which point 360Value can calculate the replacement costs, and subsequently update the file.

All valuations are able to be reviewed by any inspectors, administrators, or otherwise authorized individuals. This process will aid in your assignment management from start to finish.

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