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Risk Management Software

Xactium Risk Manager, our Risk Management solution, is an easy to use web-based application for managing risk across your organization. Built on the flexible, scalable and secure cloud computing platform, it requires no installation, can be configured to your organization’s requirements in days, and provides rich reporting, workflow and user management capabilities.

Xactium Risk Manager enables you to proactively identify risks, evaluate the likelihood and impact of those risks, mitigate risks, relate them to mitigating controls and actions, and track their resolution.

Identify and Track Potential Risks

Use our risk software to build an easily searchable register of potential risks, documenting their key attributes, including category and subcategory, impacted business unit, and inherent, residual and target risk ratings.

Collaborate and share Key Risk Activities

Because all your information is kept in one place in our risk management software, multiple-users can share and collaborate on key activities, including risk assessment, risk mitigation and risk monitoring.

Implement Mitigating Actions and Controls

Easily map risks to multiple mitigating controls, put in place trackable action plans. Also, link risks to specific incidents, loss events and key risk indicators within the organization.

NEW! Key Risk Indicators

Risk Manager now fully supports KRI’s, including quantitative and qualitative metrics and powerful KRI data gathering and reporting tools.

Track Activities and Events

Track the progress of risk management activities, including tasks, emails and actions. Easily synchronize your tasks and events with Outlook and Lotus Notes.

Completely Customizable

Because Risk Manager is built on the highly flexible platform, virtually every aspect of it can be customized, leading to a risk management software that’s designed for your specific needs, including: data fields, relationships, layouts, reports, workflows, etc.

Flexibly Report on your Risk Management Activities

Utilize user customizable reporting and dashboards capabilities to communicate key risk management activities. Generate a wide variety of sophisticated and brand-able PDF style reports, including risk registers, heatmap and risk trend reports.

Create and Manage Approval Processes and Workflows

Utilize powerful approval and workflow capabilities to create and manage approval processes and workflows, including email notifications and risk approvals.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Risk Manager:

"Risk Manager" is part of the Xactium GRC Cloud line of products, developed by Xactium.