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Claims Management Software

Claims Manager is a flexible, feature-rich claims management solution delivered over the web on the platform from

Manage incidents, claims, policies, client information and reporting in this centralized database solution.

Gain better control and visibility of your Policies and Claims. Plus, thanks to the flexibility of the platform - you can customize it to your exact needs.

Incident Reporting and Claims Conversion

Easy capture of new Incidents via a web portal. Convert Incidents to Claims with one easy click!

Policy and Claims Capture

Supports the easy creation and management of Policy Types, Policies and Claims.

Client and Broker Communication

Utilizes the in-built communications functionality of Salesforce to enable a variety of client and broker communications, including: branded emails, partner and customer portals and text messaging.

Management Information

Our Claims Management software enables you to measure your business’ key performance indicators, such as claims backlog, average settlement time - the possibilities are endless.


Provides support for managing a wide variety of financial data related to Claims, included: Reserves, Deductibles, Net Incurred costs and Payments.

Claims History and Audit Trail

All tasks, events, notes, documents and emails created can be stored against a claim. A full audit trail history enables changes to be tracked against the user who made them..

Workflows and Approvals

Includes a fully featured workflow and approvals engine to ensure claims are managed in an efficient, effective and timely manner.


By utilizing the platform, you can be assured that your critical data is maintained in a secure environment that is trusted by over 3 millions users.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Claims Manager:

"Claims Manager" is part of the Xactium GRC Cloud line of products, developed by Xactium.