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Audit Management Software

Having a full and clear view of your organization’s audit activities is an essential part of implementing a successful GRC programmer. Without a centralized, automated solution for managing audits, organizations often struggle to aggregate audit related activities, monitor trends and gain an true picture of risk across the enterprise.

Xactium Audit Manager is a cloud based GRC solution, which provides market leading support for managing, monitoring and reporting your Audit activities. Delivered on the flexible, scalable and secure platform, Xactium Audit Manager provides a powerful but easy to use enterprise solution that delivers significant advantages and cost benefits over traditional systems.

Using Audit Manager, your organization can:

Document Audits

Build an easy to access, online repository of audit information and recommendations, and related processes, controls and risks.

Automate the Audit Management Process

Automate the collection of SOX compliant audit data, including managing and tracking audit activities, audit plans and gathering the results of audits. Utilize the powerful in-built workflow and approvals engine to automate reminders, tasks and sign-off.

Capture and Execute Audit Plans

Capture common Audit steps by creating Test plans. Execute audit activities against individual Test plan steps and record the outcome of each test

Real time Reporting and Dashboards

Utilize the platform’s powerful, highly customizable, reporting and dashboards capabilities to report key audit management activities, provide regular updates to managers, and track and monitor audit trends.

Audit History and Audit Trail

All tasks, events, notes, documents and emails created can be stored against a claim. A full audit trail history enables changes to be tracked against the user who made them..

Workflows and Approvals

Includes a fully featured workflow and approvals engine to ensure claims are managed in an efficient, effective and timely manner.


By utilizing the platform, you can be assured that your critical data is maintained in a secure environment that is trusted by over 3 millions users.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Audit Manager:

"Audit Manager" is part of the Xactium GRC Cloud line of products, developed by Xactium.