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About Xactium

Xactium is a leading enterprise cloud computing company delivering Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) solutions on the world’s leading cloud computing platform, Force.com.

Our suite of enterprise GRC solutions is empowering global organizations to manage their governance, risk and compliance activities more effectively and efficiently, while reducing the effort and cost associated with traditional GRC software.

Our user base is growing rapidly, with customers including global Banks, Insurers, Brokers, Utilities, Energy Companies, Manufacturers and Global Sporting Events.

Our deep platform knowledge and expertise in Risk and Compliance enables us to deliver customized GRC solutions that address specific business requirements, while delivering all the benefits of the cloud; agility, flexibility and visibility to name a few.

Who we are..

  • Enterprise Governance, Risk and Compliance Solution provider
  • An experienced team of dedicated business professionals
  • Fully trained and certified Force.com developers
  • “Tier 1” and “KP2” Salesforce OEM Partner status
  • Salesforce Professional Services partner
  • Force.com Application provider
  • Inspirational, innovative, energetic
  • Approachable, friendly and customer focused

Our Approach

The cloud is revolutionising the way that organizations think about enterprise software - now is the time to move away from out-dated, expensive, in-house software.

We strive to always deliver the best solution, in the shortest time, at the best price, ensuring that our customers get the full benefit from our solutions using the latest cloud technologies.

We pride ourselves on our innovative approach, customer-focused approach and ability to deliver best-in-class solutions.

Our Salesforce and Force.com Credentials

  • We have a rapidly growing number of certified Force.com Developers who are up-to-date with the latest platform releases from salesforce.com
  • We have completed numerous successful implementations and customisation projects and have a wealth of experience in bespoke Force.com development.
  • As an OEM partner (Original Equipment Manufacturer) of salesforce.com, Xactium are licensed to develop and sell applications on the Force.com platform to address specific business requirements on customers’ existing Salesforce CRM setup.

Product Lines

Market Focus

Evaluations of Xactium products by market segment:

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