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WSG Systems

A developer of business management software designed for the consulting industry.

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WSG Systems Corp. began as a consulting group in 1987 providing early Windows based solutions to clients in an environment still dominated by MS-DOS. Consulting provided many opportunities to explore developing markets and technologies. The result of these experiences was WSG’s evolution into a commercial software developer with a focus on the emerging Project Accounting and Resource Management market. This particular niche has proved ideal for many of the specific talents and experiences of the group’s members.

Today, our approach to software development remains constant. It is still driven by the custom needs and demands of our clients. Our products truly represent a compilation of the best business practices of some of the most highly regarded firms in business today. WSG prides itself not only on providing the best available software, but also on backing it up with the finest support in the business.

Product Lines

  • Empire Suite

    A multi-module management system designed by WSG Systems.

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