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World Software

A developer of business management software.

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Since 1988, World Software Corporation has set the standard in the evolving field of document management, delivering the most reliable, full-featured, cost-effective, and easy-to-use systems available.

Law firms, financial services companies, and many other organizations rely on Worldox, World Software’s prize-winning document management system to:

  • Bring order out of chaos, preventing crucial documents from being mishandled or lost
  • Improve overall organizational efficiency, and allow professionals to focus on high-value tasks, not searching for documents
  • Drive more value from their intellectual property
  • Respond more rapidly to new challenges and opportunities

An extraordinary worldwide customer base

More than 5,000 organizations in 41 countries rely on Worldox: an extraordinarily large, diverse, and committed installed base of customers.Worldox users include:

  • Thousands of Prominent law firms of all sizes
  • Corporate customers including Pitney Bowes, Key Bank, Hilton Hotels, Deutsche Bank, Daimler Chrysler, Pacific Gas & Electric, and Intuit
  • Leading non-profits and non-governmental organizations such as The World Bank; the legal departments of Columbia University, Princeton University, and NYU; and The Legal Aid Society of San Francisco
  • More than 200 financial, investment advisory, and accounting firms, including leaders such as Citigroup and Grobstein Horwath
  • Leading organizations in construction, real estate, government, insurance, manufacturing, and many other industries
  • At many of these organizations, Worldox was chosen to replace a competing product.

Delivering superior performance, reliability, simplicity, and value

At World Software, we engineer all of our products to deliver superior performance, reliability, simplicity, usability, and above all, value.

Worldox GX3, the latest version of our flagship product, gives customers state-of-the-art capabilities ranging from email management to document retention support. And it delivers all that without the complexity, unreliability, difficult implementation and upgrades, or high lifecycle costs of competitive solutions.

Worldox has earned the loyalty of thousands of customers by delivering proven, high-value technology designed around customer needs. Worldox GX3 is flexible and scalable enough to serve the needs of any business… and easy and reliable enough to please even the most demanding or technophobic users. It also includes best-of-breed licensed components, including the high-performance ISYS search engine, and Oracle’s Outside/In file viewer.

The Worldox/Web Mobile add-on delivers powerful enterprise document management capabilities to virtually any mobile device, from notebook PCs to Apple iPad and iPhones®, Blackberry® smartphones, and Windows Mobile devices.

Worldox is backed with an extraordinary commitment to customer care and service from World Software’s technical support organization and reseller partners. That commitment includes no charge product upgrades for all World Software customers with active maintenance contracts.

World Software ownership, headquarters, and distribution

World Software Corporation is a privately held corporation headquartered in Glen Rock, New Jersey, in the New York City metropolitan area.

World Software’s products are distributed and installed by more than 200 approved, independent resellers and systems integrators worldwide. World Software, together with its resellers and integrators, serve customers throughout the U.S., and in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Asia-Pacific, South Africa, and South America.

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  • Worldox

    A document management application designed by World Software.

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