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WorkflowAR began as a consulting firm for Credit and AR professionals managed and serviced by Credit and AR professionals. As a smaller and growing company, our goal has always been to not just give clients a box of our software but customize a solution that becomes 100% theirs. Based on our philosophy that functionality that doesn’t meet a specific need is irrelevant, a true understanding of each client’s goals, objectives and opportunity areas has always come first. It is only through a complete, customized needs analysis and an understanding of each client’s specific business that a true solution can be provided.

WorkflowAR’s unique pricing concept is based on an annual per seat license fee that includes maintenance, support and upgrades, eliminating a large initial investment. Whether you are a large corporation looking for the best possible ROI or a smaller company who does not have the option of considering a large six-figure initial investment—WorkflowAR will offer the most return on your investment.

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