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ProSystem fx Engagement

Software for importing client data, preparing adjustments, creating financial statements & exporting data to tax returns.
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As your engagement team’s main hub, CCH ProSystem fx Engagement can be used to import raw client data, prepare adjustments, create financial statements and export completed data to tax returns. It also functions as the central location for tracking, reporting, review, sign-off and archiving.

Built for engagements of all types, CCH ProSystem fx Engagement is a critical component in Wolters Kluwer’s Integrated Audit Approach. Evaluated through peer review, the Integrated Audit Approach is your key to producing high quality audits and moving forward with confidence in light of regulatory and punitive changes proposed by the AICPA and Department of Labor.

Engagement is a powerful management tool on its own, and when combined with other Wolters Kluwer Tax and Accounting products it becomes an integrated end-to-end solution for all of your engagements. It provides a central location where information can flow in and out, while remaining accessible to the team. It links its financial data with CCH® ProSystem fx ® Tax so updates are made simultaneously in both programs. It also works with Knowledge Coach, CCH® Accounting Research Manager® and CCH® IntelliConnect®, which gives your auditors the tools they need to tackle risk assessment standards with ease. By itself, Engagement keeps your documents organized, accessible and safe by:

  • Backing up all of your files so they are free from the perils of fire or water damage.
  • Providing the risk mitigation you need for document storage and retention to help you follow Sarbanes-Oxley and other regulatory compliance rules.
  • Allowing you to synchronize work from any location and e-mail an entire binder with one click.
  • Storing engagement-related e-mails using Microsoft® Outlook.
  • Letting you roll forward an entire engagement with a single mouse click so you can start first-year engagements with customized binder templates.
  • Incorporating your Microsoft® Word and Microsoft® Excel® workpapers and financial statements into electronic binders and automating them with links to client, engagement and trial balance data.
  • Sending scanned documents directly to the correct engagement binder.
  • Automatically creating PDF files from any application and seamlessly storing them in paperless binders.
  • Storing all of your engagement binders in an intuitive file room for later access.
  • Sharing documents simultaneously and only checking out the workpapers you need.


Combined with other products, Engagement is part of a total solution that streamlines your workflow in ways you never thought possible. Tax and Engagement work together to share financial data, which updates automatically when changes are made in either program.

Using Knowledge Coach with Engagement assures guidance throughout your entire audit from planning to completion, driving dramatic improvements in efficiency, accuracy and compliance. Adding in CCH Accounting Research Manager and CCH IntelliConnect gives you quick and direct answers to your research questions right when you need them.

Integrating Document lets you send files back and forth with Engagement.

Setting up CCH Axcess™ Portal allows you to share Engagement workpaper files with your clients from your website.

Audit Integration

Engagement works seamlessly with CCH ProSystem fx Knowledge Coach and CCH Accounting Research Manager to create a powerful audit management solution designed to help your firm meet audit quality standards. There’s simply no other audit resource like it!

Tax Integration

When used in tandem with other Wolters Kluwer tax solutions, Engagement serves as the central location for tracking, reporting, review, sign-off and archiving. Engagement also links its financial data with CCH ProSystem fx Tax so updates are made simultaneously in both programs.

Functionality Modules

Interim Period Reporting Enter, import, maintain, and calculate balances for various periods. ProSystem fx Trial Balance’s Interim Period Reporting also provides the following capabilities:…

Financial Statements Create customized, high-quality financial statements in minutes through the exclusive Wizard program. ProSystem fx Trial Balance’s financial statements allow you to:…

Workpapers ProSystem fx Trial Balance’s workpapers facilitate the analytical procedures for audit engagements. You get: More than 70 standard reports and workpapers, such as lead…

Fund Capabilities Benefit from extensive governmental and non-profit fund accounting capabilities, including: Predefined industry standards - Select from Colleges and Universities, Government,…

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