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WolfePak’s Land Management System allows you to keep track of the critical land and lease information. Never again worry about missing a delay rental, shut-in royalty, minimum royalty, or service charge. The Land system is also integrated with other WolfePak modules to allow you to easily trace the overall financial picture of your company.

Features include:

  • Produces payments due listing for review before checks/drafts are written
  • Comprehensive lease information including general description and payment information, legal description, special provisions (obligations, restrictions, limitations) plus 18 user-defined fields
  • Track prospect information by both leased acreage and developed acreage as well as the individual tracts with a prospect
  • All description fields allow up to 4000 characters of data each
  • Tracks inception-to-date expense totals
  • Lease contract information at your fingertips. Instant inquiry on screen
  • An easy to use custom user-defined information screen with up to 18 data items
  • Creates accounts payable entries to write checks/drafts for bonus payments, delay rentals, minimum royalty, shut-in fees and service charges due to surface/mineral rights owners
  • Unlimited date sequenced notes for each project, tract, lease contract, owner/lessor, renter/lessee
  • Complete producing property information database from acquisition date to plugging
  • Complete form 1099-MISC reporting
  • Processes multiple companies

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"Land Management" is part of the Oil & Gas Accounting line of products, developed by WolfePak Software.

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