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Let WolfePak take the drudgery out of processing your payroll. The powerful, yet easy-to-use system tracks and manages payroll requirements for up to hundreds of employees. Standard reports include W-2s, 941 taxes, TEC, Workers Compensation Reporting, EIC, and 401K plans. Checks can be printed on many types of forms, including a plain-paper BlankCheck option.

In addition to the same great features found in all WolfePak software, the Payroll System also has the following features:

  • Handles up to 50 different types of deductions and earnings including all various combinations of taxable, non-taxable and tax deferred plans
  • Creates G/L entries including option to split expense entries across two accounting periods
  • Prints Workers Compensation Report for any time period
  • System can automatically enter a pre-set number of hours for each hourly employee, requiring user to only enter exceptions
  • Maintains vacation and sick time used and balance for both salary and hourly employees. Automatically accrues sick time and vacation earned
  • Employees can work in multiple cost centers. Taxes can be allocated based on the wages earned in each cost center
  • Prints on TEC provided forms and/or TEC accepted blank paper format
  • W-2s can be produced after writing one or more payroll(s) for the new year
  • Ability to change one employee payroll information (number of hours, amount of tax deducted, etc.) after the checks are printed and reprint only that employee’s check
  • Calculates wages, deductions, taxes, etc. and displays the results on the screen as the employee’s time is entered
  • Each employee can have up to six different pre-defined regular rates
  • Option to compute overtime for salary employees on an automatically computed sliding scale. Hourly employee’s overtime can be computed based on time and one-half or half-time
  • Prints W-2s on either pre-printed forms or on plain paper suitable for mailing. Produces SSA approved diskette for W-2 transmittal
  • Wage reports (suitable for unemployment claims or verification of employment requests) can be produced for any time period including prior years
  • Automatic deduction and payment of child support payments
  • Ability to void a previously written check back out all earnings & deductions
  • Ability to enter tips received by the employee (to be included for taxes only)
  • Prints 941 on pre-printed form or blank paper
  • Deductions can be based on a fixed amount of a percentage of earnings
  • User defined employee code containing up to six alphanumeric characters
  • Look-up window for employees is listed in alphabetical sequence instead of employee number
  • Employees can have both hours and a fixed earnings amount (salary, car allowance, etc.)
  • User defined deduction reports for any time period
  • Full restart capabilities when printing check
  • Supports several different check forms, including laser checks

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"Payroll" is part of the General Business Accounting line of products, developed by WolfePak Software.

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