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WolfePak Software

A developer of business management software.

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Oil, gas and petroleum industry specific accounting software solutions have been provided by Wolfepak since 1985. If your organization is part of the oil industry, gas industry or petroleum industry, our accounting solutions are specifically tailored to your needs.

Modular, integrated Oil industry specific accounting system

WolfePak’s oil accounting software provides a full complement of modular, integrated components to handle all your oil and gas accounting - We are the oil industries accounting software solution provider.

Petroleum, oil and gas industry specific accounting software

In 1985, CPA and computer programmer Charles Wolfe created an accounting software general ledger program for the petroleum, oil and gas and oil drilling industry designed from an accountant’s point of view.

The following year, three oil industry businesses bought his new “WolfePak” oil accounting software program, and word began to spread through the oil industry about the fast, logical and easy to use software.

Oil & Gas industry experts on staff

Today, the company has grown from a one-man business to a thriving corporation with offices and representatives in Abilene, San Antonio, Dallas and Midland.

The WolfePak staff includes expertise in technical support, sales, programming and computer hardware. We are a member of the Novell Gold Partner Network, with representatives qualified as Certified Netware Engineers, Certified Netware Administrators, and CPA’s.

Client base includes oil & gas related clients nationwide

Currently over 1,500 oil, gas and petroleum related individuals and businesses, including the first three customers, utilize WolfePak Software.

The client base includes oil and gas related customers located throughout the country. Throughout our continued growth, one important thing has not changed; all WolfePak customers still experience the same personalized, one-on-one service the original three customers received in 1985.

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