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Traditional manufacturing is characterized by production schedules that are based upon forecasts, or achievement of preset inventory levels.

Frequently, large batch orders are processed through multiple departments, based on work functions. These methods tend to create excessive inventories, and an overabundance of parts, and WIP on the factory floor.

The impact on the operation is wasted warehouse and factory floor space, excessive inventory, tracking costs, labor inefficiencies, and high cycle times.

Accordingly, the WmsVision solution will provide a global foundation to automate the processes and procedures that the customer has documented.

We believe WmsVision is perfectly situated to orchestrate such a plan. We have hired and trained technical analysts and business consultants who are field-tested and disciplined in the real world solutions that the customer is attempting to implement.

It is neither the software nor the people who run them which make the difference. Rather, it is the strategic planning and teamwork that is established between WmsVision and the customer at the outset, which determines the success or failure of a mission critical solution.

WmsVision intends to develop a working partnership that will allow the customer to achieve its objectives with its Warehouse Management issues.

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    A multi-module management system designed by wmsVision.

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