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Wizard X4 Productivity Suite

A web‑based multi‑module management system designed by Wizard Productivity Systems, LP.
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Implementing Microsoft Dynamics™ the traditional way is costly and lacks flexibility. Wizard has streamlined the process and assembled everything you need for your Microsoft Dynamics software implementation. The key component is our Wizard X4 Productivity Suite™, which ensures an effective, efficient, successful implementation of Microsoft Dynamics. Wizard X4 intuitively automates the Microsoft Dynamics set-up, saving you time and money.

Functionality Modules

iConsultant At the heart of the Wizard Productivity Suite is iConsultant® — a highly sophisticated, intuitive resource that automates the implementation configuration process.…

ConvertMSTR ConvertMSTR™ is a key component of the Wizard X4 Productivity Suite™. This user-friendly resource helps you accelerate the analysis, mapping and importing of data…

Config-TRKR Config-TRKR™ automatically provides an audit trail by recording all configuration settings. Captures and records all implementation activity Automatically documents all…

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