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EDI 380 Integration

A software system designed by Willoware.
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Designed specifically to work with Caterpillar’s 830 EDI to their vendors, this module directly integrates the EDI document into Dynamics GP Sales Order Processing, eliminating a time-consuming, error-prone, manual process of hand-entering data from the forecast.

The 830 from Caterpillar contains weekly shipment requests, by part number, for 12-months. Each new release of the forecast can change both requested shipment dates and quantities. To keep in-sync with CAT a manual system requires comparing all 52-lines of each document against the previous release to see what has changed.

Our EDI 830 Integration automatically imports the 830 directly into Sales Order Processing as a Sales Order with the quantities backordered. It compares the new release with existing sales documents, and adjusts ship dates and quantities as necessary. If you are using Manufacturing, this integration allows the CAT forecast to drive your MRP system in an efficient Make-to-Order environment with 12-months of forward visibility.

Many CAT vendors, overwhelmed with the volume of data coming in on the 830s, enter only the next couple of months into their systems, and so lose the benefit of having a long-term forecast. Even doing this level of manual entry can require the full-time dedication of one or more employees. The EDI 830 Integration ensures complete data import in just a few minutes.

Lose the paper! Imported EDI documents are stored in the database and can be viewed at any time. The EDI View window shows the most current release, and allows you to scroll through all previous releases.

The EDI 830 Integration creates a complete electronic record of the CAT 830 download, and can print a paper copy of any version of at any time.

EDI 830 Integration from WilloWare Incorporated can quickly pay for itself by:

  • Eliminating the time required to manage paper copies of the 830s
  • Eliminating the time consuming process of manually entering the 830s into your system
  • Eliminating the errors that occur with manual entry
  • Improving the timeliness of 830 changes hitting your MRP system
  • Improving the planning accuracy in manufacturing reduces hectic change-overs and missed due dates
  • Improving the planning accuracy in purchasing helps reduce raw material inventory while ensuring supplies are on-hand when needed

Unlike other EDI solutions, with our EDI 830 Integration you pay only for the software with no on-going monthly service fees.

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