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WilloWare Inc. is a firm dedicated to helping businesses achieve a positive Return On Investment using Microsoft Dynamics GP. We have a simple belief-you are in business to make money, not to just use computers. By guiding you through implementation decisions that can have long term impact, we can help you make your software purchase an investment in your future rather than just another expense.

We have hands-on experience implementing Dynamics GP in a wide range of industries, with a particular focus and expertise in complex, life-sciences manufacturing environments. This hands-on experience allows us to be a resource to you in designing a custom solution because we understand more than just the development toolkit—we know how users use Dynamics GP and understand business. There are thousands of small decisions that are made when writing software that cannot be captured in a design specification, but are done correctly when the developer is experienced with both the toolset and the ERP application.

Before founding WilloWare Inc., Brenner Klenzman designed and wrote a series of successful modules for Dynamics GP tailored to support the needs of business in regulated environments (Sarbanes-Oxley and FDA 21 CFR Part 11). The modules include Audit Trails and Electronic Signatures which are now distributed by Microsoft.

The WilloWare Inc. software design philosophy is clear: Make It Simple & Make It Work. We’ve seen too much software designed by computer wizards for computer wizards, so when we craft software it is always with a real user in mind. You know what you need to accomplish, and we want our software to help you do it…without making you think like a computer. If it’s not that easy we haven’t done our job right.

We will work with you to design software that meets your needs, and affix a fixed-bid price tag to it. No cost overruns. No expensive bug fixes. You get what you have paid for-it’s that easy. Make It Simple & Make It Work.

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