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BonaSource, Inc.

A developer of business management software.

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BonaSource Inc. is a custom web application company. Bonasource Inc was established in 2001 with headquarters in Toronto, Canada where we remain today. Wild Apricot software was launched in 2006.

Having worked with a number of small associations and non-profits, BonaSource recognized that while these organizations would benefit from simplifying and automating their day-to-day tasks, custom software (which can cost tens of thousands of dollars to develop) was out of their reach. They developed Wild Apricot to help these organizations, and they’re very proud to say that as of April 2013, more than 6,000 are paid customers, with thousands more using our free ad-supported version. Because of this success, the BonaSource name has been phased out and they no longer do custom software work - they are now 100% dedicated to Wild Apricot, and have officially changed their name to operate under Wild Apricot Inc.

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    A software system designed by BonaSource, Inc..

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