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Whitebirch Software

A developer of business management software.

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Whitebirch Software, Inc. develops and deploys innovative financial planning and modeling applications that help its customers create comprehensive financial models and long-term forecasts that go beyond the scope of traditional spreadsheets and standard budgeting software.

Whitebirch Planning, Whitebirch’s flagship product, is the only application to combine the flexibility of spreadsheets with the accuracy and structural integrity of a template. Models are created from a library of financials components with built-in logic that defines their interaction, and how they fit into, the financial statements. This approach affords unprecedented flexibility while maintaining model integrity.

Successfully used for budgeting, Whitebirch Planning’s flexible yet structured design makes it ideal for challenging applications such as strategic planning, profitability and cash flow forecasting, business analysis, business plans, valuations, and credit analysis.

These capabilities make it indispensable not only to operating companies, but to businesses that lend, invest, or consult with them. The ability to work collaboratively online, or work offline adds to the power and convenience of the software.

Since its launch in 2003, the Whitebirch Planning platform has received rave reviews from its customers and the press including a Four Star ratings from PC Magazine.

Founded in 1999, Whitebirch Software is privately funded.

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