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The Order Entry & Invoicing module does the following:

-Lets you enter sales orders and print pick/pack slips quickly and efficiently.

-Accommodates multiple pricing structures to automatically price orders.

-Facilitates creating purchase requisitions (for non-stock items), selling kits, charging core charges, selling serialized items and collecting customer deposits

-Provides for creating manufacturing requisitions (for manufacture to order).

-Includes an excellent system to manage customer credit.

-Handles back orders and cash sales.

-Gives you useful inquiries and reports.

Users enter and edit sales orders, which commit stock until orders are invoiced. If the order takes the customer over their credit limit or if their account is over 60 or 90 days, the system puts the order on ‘credit hold.’ Available inventory for each ordered item is displayed along with whether the item is a kit, an assembly, has substitutes or is a non-stock.

The system prices sales orders automatically. Pricing allows for the following:

-five prices per item selected according to customer,

-customer percentage discounts and quantity discounts,

-contract pricing by customer, ship-to, customer type, location (branch), item code, product class, sub-product class, the item’s primary vendor, or any combination of the above. Prices can be a dollar amount, a percentage discount from another price or a markup from cost, and can be date-sensitive

Purchase or manufacturing requisition information is entered along with the item. This sends electronic notice to purchasing or manufacturing to ensure requests aren’t lost.

Kits and assemblies can be customized (modified) during order entry. Kit components can be included on the pick slip or printed separately. Both kits and assemblies can have special order purchase requisitions attached to them.

Back orders are created automatically when invoices are posted. There is then an Order Fill Report to manage shipping them.

You can access the Cash Sales screen directly from the Order Entry screen. Cash Sales works with bar-coding devices, cash drawers and small invoice receipt printers.

You can enter invoices directly into the system or generate them from an order. You can add items to an invoice that were not part of the original order. Numerous searches are available. The system calculates all taxes and prints invoices and credit memos either individually or in a batch. You can also enter manual sales (i.e. invoices not created by the system).

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Order Entry and Invoicing:

"Order Entry and Invoicing" is part of the AIMS (Accounting Information and Management System) line of products, developed by Western Canadian Software.