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Order Entry & Inventory Module

Once a job is awarded, the need is to convert the order into a job ticket as quickly and as easily as possible, while requesting/ordering the materials needed and logging the order into the schedule so production can start to plan the best (leanest) manufacturing process.

The system takes the estimate and books it to a job, creating an electronic job ticket with a full manufacturing plan. The purchasing (PO) screen is updated with the material needs and production is alerted that a job is coming their way. The Sales rep receives an email confirming the order has been entered.

Once the order enters production “real-time” data is collected and costs vs. actual are compared. Production is given time driven goals on the job ticket so that they have targets and goals to complete.

DecisionWare works hand-in-hand with “Lean Manufacturing Philosophies” and processes so that our clients can maximize their production processes and profits.

If the order is coming through the online system, then depending upon the order type (POD, Inventory, or a reprint order) the job ticket or pick ticket is auto generated.

Bottom line our system looks to reduce human touch points and streamline the order process.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Order Entry and Inventory:

"Order Entry and Inventory" is part of the DecisionWare line of products, developed by Western Business Services.