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At Western Business Services, we understand that everything you do has to benefit the experience you give your customers while increasing your bottom line. Streamlining your operations is critical to the overall health of your organization, while delivering great service!

Western Business Services’ new release of DecisionWare offers a totally integrated solution that offers the best value for your investment along with a one-year ROI.

What’s different about DecisionWare? Compare us against any 25 seat / user system:

  • For less than $100,000 you get an entire ERP/MIS system
  • No additional charges for modules (that you need)
  • Web to Print is included
  • Online Inventory is included
  • Accounting Package is included
  • Low cost monthly management fees
  • Custom programming is available at reasonable costs
  • With all of the time consuming challenges you have today, installing DecisionWare will give you ability to look at the opportunities instead!

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  • DecisionWare

    A full ERP system designed by Western Business Services for commercial & service and manufacturing companies.

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