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The Line Service Point of Sale System is designed to process customer service transactions. This includes fuel sales, requests for services, reservations for hotel, conference rooms, rental cars, and more. Event scheduling is available to alert personnel in advance of items requiring their action such as In/Out service, catering, arrival, departure, etc. The system is similar to a Hotel Industry folio which records and tracks all billing for the duration of the customer’s stay. An extensive Customer Preference Database is provided to facilitate opening tickets and to capture customer’s desires and preferences. This Database is highly customized for the aviation industry and is extendable by adding new categories.

Customers checking in automatically create a Line Service ticket that will be used to track billing. Credit card information as well as other methods of payment are captured during check-in and may be altered anytime through checkout and closing. The customer’s open ticket may be charged throughout his stay, generally upon delivery of goods and services. Quantities sold are immediately relieved from inventory and posted into Work in Process. Inquiries are available to view the sales amounts, current inventory, WIP levels, as well as Open and Closed Line Tickets. Customers may have more than one line ticket open at a time should the circumstances require. As a customer checks out near departure time, a proof invoice is available for them to review billing. A final invoice can then be printed. Closing the Line Ticket updates Accounts Receivable, Inventory, General Ledger, Sales Analysis, and Contract attainment quantities.

Truck Fuel statistics are captured dynamically as a result of issuing fuel to Line Service tickets. Each truck meter is maintained to anticipate the starting meter reading. This reduces keystroke count and also affords error checking. The system will support multiple locations and each location can have its own inventory, pricing, sales history, and line ticket series qualified by the location code. If one or more locations require separate accounts for the same customer or vendor, those can be created.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Line Service-Point of Sale:

"Line Service-Point of Sale" is part of the BASE line of products, developed by Wellington-Royce.