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The Job Costing/Work Order System provides a means of processing shop work orders with minimum operator intervention and maximum efficiency. It provides the capability to quickly close work orders through the billing and payment stages. The Work Order System reduces the labor and resources required to capture and process raw data. It also creates Aircraft Customer and Standard Job History references. This reference file will greatly enhance your service marketing activities and help you provide better, more thorough service to your customers.

As work is introduced to your shop, all pertinent information is collected and entered into the system. For example, customer information, credit status, aircraft defects, aircraft statistics, registration number, crew chief name, flight check requirements (if any), date promised, and estimated cost to complete are entered when the work order is opened. All parts, labor, and outside work are entered as the work is performed. Data is checked for accuracy as it is entered and Work In Process Reports may be run at any time. When all the work is completed, the work order is closed with a single keystroke. The closing creates an invoice which is fed to Accounts Receivable. Build to Inventory work orders eliminate the process of writing a purchase order to the shop for a repaired item to be put on the shelf in inventory. This process also allows you to add costs to an item currently in inventory.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Job Costing/Work Order System:

"Job Costing/Work Order System" is part of the BASE line of products, developed by Wellington-Royce.