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This feature makes our product unique, as a part of the Lean Office campaign, we have incorporated Lean Purchasing. Our product maintains conventional purchasing feature for a conventional application but take advantage of the efficiency built into our system. Normally a purchasing professional will batch orders because of the labor intensive purchase order generation process. Some companies place an administrative overhead cost of $50 per PO. With our product purchases are fast and easy and can take seconds. That means the administrative overhead is reduced to a fraction of the typical amount.

Make as many or as little purchases orders as you need, it is paperless and the related departments, Accounts Payable and the Receiving Department have the same streamlined process so they are not impacted with additional purchases.

Our product has a ‘Purchase Order Grid’ for Kanban replenishments, the purchasing professional adjust quantities and check inventory status in a virtual dashboard in the Purchase Order Grid.

Our system supports all purchasing functions:

  • Purchase to Stock
  • Purchase to Order
  • Purchase to Kanban
  • Vendor Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Consolidated Vendor
  • Primary Vendors assigned per SKU
  • Multiple vendors per SKU

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"Purchase Orders (Lean Purchasing)" is part of the Lean ERP Software System line of products, developed by Weber Systems.

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