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Our product was designed to support your Lean Manufacturing or Lean Office campaign. Our product provides:

  • Kanban Paperless Procurement System - our system will reorder Kanban Controlled Material with just a scan of the products’ Part Number without paper or the Buyers involvement. Our system knows who to procure it from and for what cost. The cost is automatically provided when a Consolidated Vendor Agreement is established, see below.
  • Kanban Bins - our system controls dynamic Front Bin and Back Bin quantity Control. These bins and the inventory status are reportable globally to the organization.
  • POU - the system knows the dynamic Point-Of-Use (POU) locations of inventory and informs the Receiving Professional what Point Of Use locations to refill Kanban Inventory as it is delivered. It will provide the information to distribute the appropriate amounts to the Kanban Front and Back bins.
  • Consolidated Vendor Agreement - the system knows which items have agreed prices based on Consolidated Vendor Agreements (CVA) and with established re-order quantities.
  • Kanban Signals (Replenishment) - The system recognizes two types of Kanban initiated replenishment methods:
  • External to the company - The instant the Kanban reorder signal is identified; an electronic Purchase Order is generated and sent to the vendor via FAX or Email.
  • Internal to the company - The instant the Kanban reorder signal is identified, a Built-To-Stock Work Order (or Pull Signal) is created which is perfect for Stock Sub-Assemblies controlled by Kanban.
  • Back Flushing - Inventory can be Back Flushed to relive inventory of raw material and add to inventory finished goods or stocked sub assemblies. This feature maintains perpetual inventory accuracy.
  • Lean Purchasing - A paperless procurement system to instantly convert a Kanban reorder signal into an electronic Purchase Order. Typically 80% of your purchases will be Kanban Controlled items and with the increase of purchasing frequency from increased inventory turns, the purchasing department can maintain the additional work load without any impact.
  • Lean Invoicing - With increased inventory turns, there will be an increase of vendor invoices. We offer a fast and efficient method to manage and reconcile vendor invoices.
  • Lean Receiving - An efficient Bar Coded process to receive Kanban replenishments with POU put-away and Front Bin and Back Bin replenishment quantities.

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