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Fresh fruit and vegetable businesses need specialized software to manage their enterprises effectively. At WaudWare, we understand that. That is why we created Produce Inventory Control System (PICS) software and a web-based version (WebPICS), specifically for perishable produce. We have a proven record of accomplishment for understanding the complexities of managing a fresh produce business.

PICS software is all about buying, selling and effectively tracking, tracing, inventorying, and reporting on produce. PICS is a robust and reliable software solution specifically created for companies in the fast-paced produce industry to improve operations, traceability and profitability.

PICS software was developed in the early 1990’s and effortlessly handles real world costing, all types and sizes of inventory, and multiple units for buying and selling. PICS is easy to use, continuously enhanced and superbly supported. We are the only company in Canada offering a comprehensive software solution for the produce industry.

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