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Conversational Ordering

WAND restaurant POS systems are powered by innovative Conversational Ordering technology. Let employees deliver game-changing service speeds and improved order accuracy, all while increasing total customer satisfaction.

Single Shift Training

Easy to use point of sale systems take training to the next level. Join others who have reduced labor costs and improved operational efficiencies all in a one-shift training session.

Cost Reduction and Theft Deterrence

Improve operational efficiencies and deter employee theft with WAND’s trustworthy point of sale systems. You control the monitoring of employee actions at the display and the reduction of nearly all manager voids at the counter.

Improved Average Check

Watch average check size increase along with customer satisfaction. Sales driven restaurant POS systems promote margins by upselling items, promo videos and an overall decreased order time.

Integrated Prep/Cook Display

Integrate the prep and cook displays thanks to WAND’s 100% restaurant focus. Our systems will help you to increase the speed of service and reduce the cost of food.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Point of Sale:

"Point of Sale" is part of the Total Restaurant Management line of products, developed by WAND Corporation.