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WRS Digital Healthcare Pen Solution

The Convenience of Using a Ballpoint Pen with the Advantages of EMR Chart Using Your Own Forms

The WRS Digital Pen Solution is an electronic pen, that looks and works just like an ordinary ballpoint, but captures handwriting and drawing from paper forms and notes. You can use your own forms printed on plain paper with an ordinary postscript laser printer. No special paper, no special printer, just a special pen. After charting your note the pen wirelessly transmits the form to the correct patient’s chart.

The WRS Digital Pen Solution is a great solution for practices with providers of different computer comfort levels. While one provider can chart using a standard computer interface, another can chart using a pen and paper. There is no need to delay an EMR implementation due to the resistance to change from providers or other medical office workers. You can access all notes from the web wherever you have an Internet connection.

The WRS Digital Pen Solution is also a perfect solution for specialties that rely on forms or free text for most of their charting needs. Patient consent forms, questionnaires and signatures can be captured easily using this technology.

How do we do it? Waiting Room Solutions has adopted the market leading Anoto dot-pattern functionality onto our web-based platform. Tiny dots printed on the page match with a tiny camera on the Anoto Digital Pen that then transmits, by Bluetooth or USB, the form and your handwriting to Waiting Room Solutions. The form then goes into the correct patient’s chart. It’s that simple. There is no need to scan, label and upload documents to keep them electronically. Waiting Room Solutions brings you the ultimate document management solution for healthcare.

We capture both the form image as well as discrete data from the form. You can get the best of both worlds… structured data for reporting and the convenience of using pen and paper. Data is encrypted and stored on our secure, CCHIT certified, HIPAA compliant platform ensuring data integrity and regulatory compliance. For less than the cost per-patient of a chart-pull, you can quickly, conveniently adopt a digital charting infrastructure. The digital pen requires very little training and support, lowering training and support costs.

  • Chart using your own forms
  • Capture patient intake forms, questionnaires and consents directly into chart
  • Cost effective solution for paper and form management
  • Integrated platform solution for all charting needs

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with WRS Digital Pen Solution:

"WRS Digital Pen Solution" is part of the Waiting Room line of products, developed by Waiting Room Solutions.