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With Waiting Room Solutions’ EMR Transcription and Dictation Modules, You Can Easily File Your Dictations Directly Into the Patient Chart – Without the Expense and Time of Traditional Transcription Software.

Medical Transcription Online Made Easy – and Affordable

The Waiting Room Solutions transcription module integrates the ease of transcription with the data retrieval benefits of EMR Software. Traditional transcription places a burden on your staff to upload voice files and then pull charts to file away transcriptions. At a cost of $5 per chart-pull and $5 per transcription, this can be a costly endeavor.

We integrate this process seamlessly through the WRS web-based EMR system so that your dictation goes directly into the patient’s electronic medical record, smoothly, seamlessly and at significantly less cost than traditional transcription. With our new WRS Scribe Service, all you need to do is dictate your notes and leave the charting to a professional scribe on our web-based EMR system.

Integrated Dictation with WRS Web-Based EMR

Save immediately on transcription costs by adding Dragon Medical integrated with Waiting Room Solutions web-based EMR.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Transcription and Dragon Dictation:

"Transcription and Dragon Dictation" is part of the Waiting Room line of products, developed by Waiting Room Solutions.