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Visual World

A developer of business management software.

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Visual World provides businesses with a technology platform that truly allows clients to implement their business vision.

The platform is built around business processes and is designed to be configured exactly to the specific needs of our clients. As the business strategy is implemented into the tactical operations of the day to day, Visual World business objects are mapped to the exact processes and individuals operating the system.

As the requirement changes, the system has been designed to be reconfigured to address those desired changes. Examples include:

  • Locking in customers by adding additional functions via Sales Rep and Customer portals
  • Rerouting work processes and flows based on changing internal operational needs
  • Easily adding new product lines with all of the quoting, kitting, distribution and other rules
  • Deeply integrating new online and/or offline marketing & promotional opportunities
  • Easily addressing changes in distribution relationships, and more

Visual World takes this approach due to the new demands of business. Based on our experience in the software market, we have not seen any other system come close to offering the benefits and ROI that Visual World has for our clients.

The Visual World patented DataPage object model forms the basis for our breakthrough XML Business Object technology. Our DataPages have been used to construct all types of information systems in both stand-alone and blended database environments. Visual World systems are currently in place handling end-to-end enterprise solutions for logistics planning, wholesale distribution, analytical laboratories, manufacturing, non-profits and legal case/matter management.

Visual World Inc. is a privately held company located just north of the Golden Gate Bridge in Marin County, California. Neighbors include AutoDesk, Mattel Interactive, Sonic Solutions, Industrial Light and Magic, Lucas Films, Broderbund and more.

We are approximately 15 miles north of San Francisco. Our talented associates come from all different backgrounds allowing us to assemble a truly unique, elegant, and powerful Enterprise Workplace for business.

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