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Visions Distribution Software

A developer of management software designed for small-businesses.

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Founder and president Robert Shields has been programming software for the manufacturing and wholesale distribution industries since 1987. In February 2010, Visions Distribution Software was formed with the mission of “Eliminating the high cost of software ownership.“

With Visions, you can now have a 100% Hosted Solution and receive:

  • Distribution Accounting
  • CRM (Contact Relationship Management)
  • Ecommerce Shopping Cart
  • Support Exchange

Access your software, anytime, anywhere and eliminate your need for network servers, hardware repairs, software upgrades and outsourced web design services. All you need is an internet connection as Visions solves all of your business headaches with just one solution. We can install on your website or ours. And yes, we can customize for your specific needs!

As soon as you enter an inventory item into your Accounting, the item automatically appears at retail prices in the product catalog on your Ecommerce website. After your customer logs in, they will see and order from their unique, negotiated prices. If a new customer comes in from your Ecommerce, they are automatically added into Accounting and your CRM. Visions is completely integrated, eliminating all duplicate entries and records.

And you will find your costs to be the lowest in the industry with pricing as low as $259 per month. With Visions, you will never pay for concurrent users or any per seat charges. With just one flat fee each month, you have On-Demand Video Training (Coming Soon), Personal Quick-Start Training, extensive Knowledge Base, Trouble Ticketing, Technical Support and Ongoing Enhancements.

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